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Fifteen Mile Road Baptist Church was established in 1958 under the name of Fifteen Mile Road Free Will Baptist Church by three men, Maurice Hodge, Dennis Norris, and J. T. Smith, who had a vision to establish a church in what was a semi-rural area which would later become the city of Sterling Heights.  The vision of those three men was to reach that community with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They collectively purchased the property and a small white building at 2020 East Fifteen Mile Road (also known as Maple Road) and began holding services.  While the church searched for a pastor who shared their vision, J. T. Smith served as Interim Pastor.  Before long, Leo Langford became the first full-time pastor of Fifteen Mile Road Free Will Baptist Church; and the church began to grow. 

Over the next ten years, other ministers who served as pastor included Pastor Curtis Leach, Pastor James Hammons, and Pastor Lloyd Locklear.  By this time, the church had grown to a point that required a larger building.  Pastor Locklear spearheaded the undertaking and, with God’s help, in 1963 we built the building which we now occupy.  God continued to bless this congregation, and the church continued to steadily grow.  Pastor Locklear finished his tenure and moved on to another position in Woodhaven, Michigan, where he still pastors today. 

Following him, Pastor Dwight Mayfield took over the position of pastor for a short time.  In 1966, a dynamic minister from Erwin, Tennessee, Stanley Parkey, who preferred to be called “Preacher Parkey,” came to our congregation and began preaching in the epistle of First John.  His theme for almost two years was God’s divine love and grace, not just saving grace but “living grace.” 

During Preacher Parkey’s tenure as pastor, Fred Norris submitted to God calling him into the ministry.  In 1969 he became our next pastor and continued to build upon the foundation of love and grace that had been laid by Preacher Parkey.  Our church was revolutionized by the Holy Spirit through this ministry of love and grace.  Pastor Norris led us by conviction to become an independent Baptist church.  Pastor Norris remained as pastor for 37 years until he retired in May, 2006 for health reasons. 

When Pastor Norris first became ill, God sent Jerry Harrington to fill the pulpit.  Not at all a coincidence, he was the right man at the right time.  Jerry Harrington and his wife, Maria, came and ministered to our church at a time when we were filled with sadness and concern.  It was immediately apparent that this couple loved the Lord, loved each other, and loved our church. Jerry Harrington began his ministry as our pastor in September of  2006 and continued until March of 2008.

In November of 2008 we welcomed in Terry Wimberly as the Senior Pastor of our church. He served our church until God called him elsewhere in early 2011.

In 2012 we welcome Pastor Josh McDonald as our Senior Pastor. We are delighted to serve with him and are encouraged about all that God is doing in this place.

Over the years, we have seen many come to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Several have even been called into the ministry and have gone on to serve the Lord as pastors and missionaries.  Some of the charter families have second and third generations still serving the Lord in our congregation today.

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